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Oracle Exploitation – Interesting Data Finder/Data Dumper

September 11, 2013 Leave a comment

I wrote a script to easily dump a sample size of data from each table in the Oracle databases.

If you want to search for column names matching (passw|bank|credit|card), you can enable the -idf argument. This is similar to auxillary/admin/mssql/mssql_idf module in Metasploit.

Oracle Pillaging

The script can be downloaded at

Please send your feedback to @keith55 or keith.lee2012[at]

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Oracle Exploitation – Privilege Escalation

September 7, 2013 Leave a comment


Many times during Penetration Tests, we found a limited account for the Oracle database server.  The next step would be to find a SQL injection vulnerability to obtain DBA privileges. There are a number of Metasploit modules that we can use to escalate to DBA privileges.  The Metasploit modules scripts below are for different varying versions of Oracle database servers. I cant remember which Metasploit modules are for which versions.

Metasploit Oracle SQL Injection Modules

To speed things up, I wrote a script that does the below

(1) Check if the account specified has access to the database
(2) Check if the account has DBA privileges
(3) If no, check the version of the Oracle database server
(4) Select the relevant Oracle SQL injection modules for that version of Oracle database and write a Metasploit resource script to disk
(5) Run the Metasploit resource script and attempt to gain DBA privileges
(6) Check permissions of account and verifies if DBA privileges have been obtained. script script

The script is still a work in progress.  You can download the script via the below link.

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