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Meterpreter Script for Prefetch-Tool

This is the first meterpreter script I wrote for Metasploit Framework . I have integrated the use of the prefetch-tool via a meterpreter script.

As mentioned in the previous post, the windows prefetch folder contains information about what the frequently used programs are and based on this information, you can actually find out how the computer was used by the user/roles of the computer in the network.

This meterpreter script is not integrated into Metasploit.  To use it, please follow the below steps

1. Download the below files

a. PrefetchTool Meterpreter Script
b. Prefetch Tool Executable

2. Copy the prefetchtool.rb file to [<metasploit installation folder>\msf3\scripts\meterpreter] folder

3. Copy prefetch.exe to [<metasploit installation folder>\msf3\data] folder

Check out the demo videos below.




If you face any issues or have any cool ideas for new scripts, you can contact me at keith.lee2012[at]gmail.com.   (:

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